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Centella Asiatica - The K-beauty Super Skincare Ingredient

Centella Asiatica - The K-Beauty Super Skincare Ingredient

July 24, 2020 0 Comments

Centella Asiatica - Our favourite skincare ingredient here at Klean. :)

A plant which has been used for generations is making a big name for itself in both the skincare world and the world of Korean beauty. This medicinal plant has been used to treat ailments for many years in Asia, Africa and Central America. Centella Asiatica then made a safe transition into the world of skincare and Korean beauty and has now become a much loved ingredient all over the world. Many Korean beauty  brands including Benton, Innisfree, Purito, Dr Oracle and Cosrx are now catering to the demand of Centella asiatica in beauty products. Fun fact: Centella Asiatica can also be known as Cica or Tiger grass in the Skincare world. 



That's the background info out of the way now we can get onto the benefits you will see in your skin:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties -- Problematic skin conditions such as roseacea, eczema, and acne can all benefit from certain products that contain centella asiatica. It helps calm and soothe your skin reducing the inflammation which reduces the red look of your skin.

 2. Super Rich in Antioxidants -- Rich in vitamins  B and C, this super calming ingredient is potent in highly beneficial properties that work wonders on your skin! The need for vitamins in your skincare routine can hardly be overstated.

3. Revitalise Skin Barrier -- There is some evidence that the repeated use of Centella Asiatica can repair your skin form sun damage and help revitalise your skin barrier. Repairing effects from sun damage and ageing have been recorded from the continual use over time from some Centella Asiatica rich formulas. 

 4. Improvement of scars and blemishes -- Many years ago Centella Asiatica was used to treat and heal wounds. In 2020 thankfully we have modern medicine so Centella Asiatica is no longer needed for serious injuries. However, when it comes to skincare, there is some evidence that the use of this magical herb  can heal your scars and blemishes on the surface of your skin. Blemishes and scars inflicted from conditions such as Acne and eczema seem to be best positively effected by Centella products. 

 5. Reduction of redness -- Centella Asiatica is one of the best calming ingredients for your skin. Period. People reporting such good results from using beauty products containing Centella are living proof of that. Reducing inflammation, acting as a anti-oxidant and improving skin's hydration are all reported consistently by users of products containing Centella which in turn actively encourage healthier skin.


We highly recommend introducing Centella Asiatica into your skincare routine, especially if you suffer from Roseacea, Acne both active and scarred, or eczema. However you don't need to have problematic skin to enjoy the great benefits of this super ingredient!

I personally suffer from Roseacea and find that Centella enriched products are great to relieve some of that redness. 


Here are a list of the products we offer with Centella Asiatica inside :)


By Joe, skin enthusiast and co-founder of